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Fat Loss
Today I’ll help you lose weight for a lifetime, but before I do that, I want to tell you a story.

I’m a terrible storyteller but bear with me. So once upon a time, there was a guy who was living in his beautiful home. One day he woke up and started getting ready for the office, but when he goes to the washroom, he sees there is no water supply in his flat. He checks with the neighbors, but there wasn’t an issue with their supply. So, he calls up a plumber. The plumber comes and removes the blockage from the pipe, and the tap starts working. After working fine for 2-3 days, the water supply again stopped working one day. The boy called the plumber back, and the plumber fixed it. He felt relieved, but his relief was very temporary. The problem kept repeating again and again. One day he was going upstairs on the rooftop, and he sees his water tank is open, and from there, all the dust is coming in his pipeline. That triggered him. He picked up the lid and closed the tank. Fortunately, the problem did not repeat. Does it sound similar? Did you try losing weight but put on again? If yes, then understand. Just losing weight is not an answer. You can start a diet lose weight for the time being, but until and unless you don’t eliminate its root cause, the pipeline is going to get choked that is you are going to get unfit again. If you want to lose weight and want to keep it off, you need to change the habits that are leading you that unfit lifestyle. So stop trying to fix symptoms or looking for quick fixes and start working on the leading cause, rest all will get fine automatically. Cheers!

Heena Jani

Thank you for good information.

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