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We all love lifting weights, don't we?

Well, one of the main purposes of my life is definitely to lift weights, but then a thought that always comes to my mind is "How long I will be lifting weights ?" So let us talk about "LONGEVITY" Here are some factors that can affect longevity and if taken care properly will produce longevity for you: 1. Injuries: Accept this hard truth, injuries are part of any sport. Injuries are the setbacks that each of us will face in our lifting career no matter how good we are with weights. But we should do whatever we can to avoid them because it's better to avoid injuries rather than going for its prevention later. Sometimes our mind and body are on two different pages(mind-muscle connection). Your mind will tell you to "GO HARD", but your body will signal "NOT Today", so we must listen to our body too and avoid any chances of injuries. There is an athlete in each of us, and the last thing an athlete wants to do is miss workouts due to injuries. Longevity requires paying strict attention to the body’s signals. Remember, you are a bodybuilder. You are not a weight mover. You have a specific reason for how you are moving apparatus. If it’s not your day, take off the hooks, straps, wraps, or whatever and go home. Try again tomorrow. "Longevity requires understanding the concept of Marathon vs. Sprint." 2. Form or Technique: When we talk about good form, it is not as simple as we think it to be, a good form is the combination of the proper range of motion, lifting tempo and breathing technique. You can not just master these the moment you enter the gym, it takes lots of practice, so be a good learner, learn from your mistakes and make your form better with each passing day. Remember bad form is one of the major cause of injuries. So a proper form is a key contributor in avoiding injuries and thus producing longevity. 3. Warm Ups: Warm up helps our body for the upcoming exercises. A good warmup produces mild sweating with very less or no fatigue. "A clinical randomized trial has shown that structured warm-up program can reduce the risk of injury by 50% or more." (Source- INFS ESS course) 4. Rest and Recovery: " You do not get big lifting weights, you get big recovering from lifting weights " (Source- Steve Hall) So this is for the young lifters out here like me, each of us is in a hurry to progress. We compare ourselves to others, we see people with a great physique, we idealize them and we start chasing that physique. We do everything we can, we go as hard as possible without understanding the fact that it takes time to build muscles naturally no matter how hard you go. Ego and insecurity can lead to pushing harder and harder and doing more and more to the point where it halts progress or puts you on the sidelines. Our inner voice tells us not to be soft, so we carelessly push on when in fact we probably need some rest and recovery. It takes discipline to train and to follow a diet, but it takes even more discipline to take your scheduled rest days, deloads and even unscheduled rest days when needed, to ensure you’re progressing and taking care of your body over the long haul. (Source- Jeff Alberts) 5. Ego-Lifting: Every now and then you see videos of people lifting extremely heavy weights with bad form and getting injured. "This is your journey, do not compare yourself to others" 6. Happiness: If you are happy with what you are doing you will keep doing it. So find your happiness. There is no point in hitting a gym daily for three hours if it is stopping you to spend some time with your loved ones, go to the gym 4-5 days a week for 1 hour and make some time for other important things in your life. There is nothing "optimal", you can not define optimal for yourself but you can always define "sustainable" for yourself, so find the balance and enjoy everything. 7. Patience: Well if you read all the six points which I have mentioned above, all have something in common and that is "patience". You need to be a patient learner in that way only you can produce longevity. Have a long and successful journey ahead :) Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section. Cheers !!!

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