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Lockdown and TC 10

"SharmaJi ka Ladka is back with his bunch of excuses, he believes the lockdown is only for him 😒"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This lockdown has affected each and every one of us almost equally. Some are affected more and some are less but yes, it has put everyone under tremendous pressure for sure. I can talk in length about the positive side of this lockdown that I have experienced but I will only stick to one topic i.e. Health and Fitness. Every month and every day before lockdown we had this excuse that we don't have time otherwise we would have gone to the gym and worked out for sure; we can't have quantified meals because we have to rush to our office and don't get enough time in the kitchen; we have to spend time with our kids, that's why prefer to stay at home in the evening rather than going out for a walk. Its been almost 45 days that we are under lockdown and don't know when things will normalize. Definitely gone are those days when we had only a handful of hours for ourself. We have enough time for our family and for ourself. Now, what's our excuse? Well, I will put some excuses here which I hear on a daily basis, 1. I feel lazy 2. The home workout doesn't give me that kick 3. Not getting enough results with bodyweight workouts, so I left 4. Waiting for gyms to open, will start working out as soon as this lockdown will end Just compare this list with the excuses we were giving before. Now, are we complaining about time? Not at all because that reason is off the table for sure, so we obviously found out new reasons to skip a routine. I will surely not ask you to get up right away and start working out. I only have a few questions to ask - - Is this lockdown under your control? - Are you the only one who is suffering? - Do you think only a mask and social distancing will save you and you don't need a healthy body to survive this pandemic? You also know the answers but don't want to accept. Its been 45 days, so let's have a reality check and accept the fact that we don't have any other option but to adapt in this situation. Lockdown is not under our control but our health is, why are you compromising with that? Is Covid 19 less stressful that you want to add the extra stress of living an unhealthy lifestyle? No matter how much you deny it, down the line everyone wants to be Fit and you can't change this fact. So my suggestion is, put this lockdown time to better use. Concentrate on those activities which are under your control. Start working on your health and come out as a better version of what you used to be. This is the only time when you can focus on things which were trivial before. And yes, home workout and bodyweight workout doesn't give results but only when you are not consistent with it. Your body understands resistance and not the external environment, it doesn't matter if you are at the gym or at home. Home workout is just a fancy term which everyone is using to get the attention. The bottom line is "you are just working out, the way you used to do before". So just come out of this vicious cycle of getting lazy and binge eating and then feeling guilty and then end up eating more. Trust me, being healthy is the best option you have right now, so grab this opportunity and do yourself a favour. Transformation Challenge 10 or TC 10 is the right platform for you right now. It will keep you focussed and motivated. You will be more careful about your progress and your consistency. You know 100s of other participants are also looking at you, so you need to give your best shot every week. I know again the question comes up that how will you manage this by staying at home all day and without any weights. But that's the beauty of it, as everyone will be struggling the same way as you. No one has an upper hand right now or has access to fancy gym equipment. This is the time to stick to basics, learn new skills, explore your strength areas and focus on your weaknesses. Bodyweight workouts do help otherwise callisthenics wouldn't have been so popular. You don't need to be a master in that, start from scratch. Its been 12 years I am into fitness but still, I need form correction in many conventional workouts and at times I spend days in correcting my form, so it's absolutely ok to make mistakes and learn from them. Bottom line is, just start and stay focussed. Below is my lockdown story, how about you? You are not alone in this, everyone is sailing in the same boat. It's your call now, whether you want to sail the boat of negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Make an informed choice, because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr


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