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What are lifestyle disorders?

Diseases/ailments that occur due to daily habits (negligence, or toxic indulgence) of people. Habits that drive people to a sedentary routine and cause health issues leading to life-threatening consequences. Few major diseases caused due to lifestyle choices are – Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, Chronic respiratory diseases, thyroid, PCOD etc. Doesn’t sound severe enough? Let’s look at the statistics for a while! Do you know that lifestyle disorders account for 40 million deaths in a year, which is 70% of total deaths around the globe? Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) like heart attacks and strokes cause 17.7 million deaths every year. Cancer kills around 8.8 million every year, whereas respiratory diseases claim about 3.9 million lives annually. Diabetes has a morbidity rate of 1.6 million. You think it’s only the mortality rate, which is a threat? It is economically alarming too. A country like India, for example, was slated for an economic loss of more than $236 million in 2015, on account of unhealthy lifestyles and faulty diet. Feeling anxious yet? Why would you? You must think that these things happen to other people, not you. You have evaded it now; you will escape them in future as well. Right? Well, I hate to break this to you, but you keep on going with negligence, you will end up as one of the victims. Causes! All of these diseases are caused by detrimental lifestyle choices made daily. These include behavioural risk factors like unhealthy eating, insufficient physical activity, harmful use of alcohol and tobacco use. We all know we should be eating healthy and be involved in physical activity. We all know smoking does not release tension and is actually injurious to health, alcohol does not liberate us( just damages the liver), junk food does not cure the painful break-up- but yet all of these choices seem enticing enough that we are ready to bet our lives on it. Guilty pleasures as we call them. They do not require effort (maybe they do as we slog long working hours, sitting on a chair to spend on them.) Our idea of entertainment is now slouching on a couch and binge on a tv series along with binging on comfort food. Who plays sports when we can catch that shit on TV with a few cans of beer and a tub of popcorn? An interview preparation does not require knowledge but maybe a pack of cigarettes to ease the nerves, right?! And a long working week has to be concluded with a few shots of tequila and a massive hangover. Because you need them to brace yourself for the next week! Characteristics of such diseases! Functional impairment – Forget healthy life or taking part in a regular activity or eating normally. Long latency period – The course of the diseases can run for decades. Non-contagious origin- These diseases do not get communicated from one person to another and are caused due to poor lifestyle choices. Preventive measures! Get a medical report done, just a blood report may be. You will wake the f**k up. If you are obese, things just got worse for you. (You are going to be awake for a while) See, it’s not about curing just obesity (Of course half the problems do get solved by just addressing obesity). What's the cure/preventive measure? Are you ready for it? Well, It's proper nutrition and activity levels (No surprises there). I know you are tired of hearing it-but you HAVE to EAT HEALTHY and you HAVE to STAY ACTIVE. And by healthy, I mean your overall nutrition profile has to be taken care of. Study about it, apply it, dig deeper, ask questions- We are here to answer each and every one of them. And I am not kidding when I say that disorders like type 2 diabetes, high/low blood pressure, CVDs, PCOD, thyroid etc.- All of them CAN BE REVERSED, just by mindful, healthy eating and strategized physical activities. There are people in the group who can testify to this fact. So yeah, get studying now. And Activities- Well you have to get up your ass and get involved in some. Be it a gym or some sport that you like (Count chess out). Just get moving. Everybody knows about this, but it is one of those neglected provisions. You know when you are watching a show or eating your favourite pizza, you are basically releasing happiness hormones- dopamine. And in chasing dopamine, you become addicted to such things. But guess what? When you do the physical activity then also you release dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Newsflash! You will end up feeling good even when you make the logical choice of being active. So, instead forming toxic habits, inculcate good ones. Key Takeaway! Lifestyle disorders do not have to be a life sentence. Just as the diseases are caused by the wrong lifestyle, the cure is adopting a better lifestyle. All you need is the right amount of awareness and the will to implement that. Few months of consistency and you will see the difference. Go ahead! All the best! Article Credit: Kshitij Roy


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