Life Partners & Gym Buddies - Our Fitness Love Story


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Partners for life and Partners in fitness - Jayashree and Lalit Lakhi show us what it means to be a Fit Couple!

When friendship turned into love, Jayashree and Lalit knew they had found their soulmates. But over time, daily stresses and an unhealthy lifestyle started making them unhealthier. Jayashree had hypothyroidism and her condition worsened. Frustrated and with no solution in sight, she turned to crash diets which made matters worse. That’s when Lalit became her pillar of support and together, they embarked on a journey with one aim: to leave the old ways behind and get fit. What helped them? Their trust in each other and this fitness community which gave them a roadmap. This is their story. This Valentine’s Day, enrol with your significant other or partner in a Partner Transformation Package and get 5 complimentary Group PT Sessions.

Amrita Bagchi

So relatable for us 😊☺️ Amazing 👌👌

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