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Fat Loss
- Shilpa Reddy

Known as the “Hunger Hormones”, both leptin and ghrelin play a major role in how our body responds to storing energy and controlling appetite. The role of these hunger hormones: When we cut our caloric intake in order to lose fat, our leptin levels tend to decrease along with our body’s decreasing fat levels. This sends a signal to our brain that our body needs to eat more, causing those all too familiar hunger pangs. Levels of ghrelin will increase if you are constantly under-eating, which is one of the main reasons why dieting makes most people feel hungry all the time. The Solution: Following tips can not only help you get lean but also feel good on the inside: • Avoid highly processed food: They taste great but are usually high in calories and low in nutrients. • Eat Whole Foods: This will not only provide your body with the nutrients it needs but will also keep you full for longer. • Drink lots of water: Remember, thirst often masquerades as hunger. • Find ways to de-stress • Exercise: Incorporating HIIT and resistance training in your routine is again an excellent way to curb appetite or utilize the excess energy for muscle building and maintenance.
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