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Learn to share to learn better!

You know after 3.5 years of running squats, 100,000+ transformations later, one of the most common question I get asked is how did I do it? What was the secret? How is it that we give away all the information for free and yet people come and enrol with coaches.

Ofcourse when we started squats, it was a free service which was later converted into a business model to scale it and reach out to many more people. People who were once part of the group became coaches and were providdd jobs. So I guess in a way, it was an accident which is really difficult to reproduce! The intent, the steps I took allowed me to create a thriving community which took care of each other in a safe and comfortable environment. So what was that one thing which allowed us to reach here? The fact that we’re humans and fitness is not a commodity for us that we can simply buy. It’s something which people cannot do in isolation. It has to be sewn in a social fabric. Even if people had all the knowledge in the world, they’d simply not get enough motivation to get fit! And am talking about the 95% people not the 5% who don’t need it. You know the difference between the ones who excel and the ones who don’t? Motivation! Which further brings consistency and forms habits in people. Without adequate motivation, even the geniuses can’t achieve much! So where does this motivation come from? Social structure! The same reason why someone would want to open Facebook again and again to see if someone messaged them or commented on their status. People get motivated to stay fit when people around get fit! You ever look at a transformation on a bad day and suddenly get pumped? That’s what am talking about! The social structure forms the base of some key elements in our lives such as fitness, fashion, food, fun and so on. When someone says you’re looking fit, you know what it feels like right? That’s what am talking about! Now try getting fit in isolation. You’ll not enjoy the process. So when people try to hoard information, what are they exactly doing? They’re tearing down the social fabric and restricting a big machinery to operate in a positive manner! Ah now you see what am getting at? That’s right! Keep learning and keep sharing, because only by learning and sharing will you learn to learn what really matters! Cheers

shobhit dixit

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