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Learn how to deal with Flat Feet

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FixItFriday: SQUATS Expert Ismat Khoja shares information on handling Flat Feet/Pes Valgus.

The arches of the foot aims to bear body weight and as a shock absorber in any weight bearing activity such walking, running, jumping, squatting etc. The arches of the foot are fully developed by the age of 7. Condition with no or reduced foot arch is known as flat fleet. What are the possible causes? It can be structural or non structural. Structural flat feet can be present congenitally (by birth) due to disturbed alignment of the bones of the foot or the knees, which changes the entire dynamics. Non-structural flat feet or acquired flat feet can be due to muscle weakness of intrinsic and stabilizers of the ankle joint when bears weight of the feet. Flat feet are also seen in individuals with conditions such as shin splint, knocked knees, plantar fasciitis, pathologies related to patellar alignments. How to identify flat feet? While walking, the impression of the wet feet on the floor shows the weight-bearing pattern on the foot. Flat feet will have an impression of the entire feet on the floor while normal feet with arches will have a specific pattern of weight bearing. How do we treat the condition? 1) Work on intrinsic muscle strengthening. Towel gathering, toes curling, marble exercises are basic exercise for strengthening the intrinsic muscles. Children of the age group 1-6, should walk bare feet on different surfaces as it help in developing their arches. 2) Use of proper arches and shoes. Your physiotherapist shall help you with the assessment of your foot and design a proper arch with an appropriate arch according to the severity of the condition. Uses of arches aims align the foot in best possible way. Medial arch wedge support is commonly used. 3) Work on strengthening the calf and other leg muscles. There are possibilities that the culprit joint is not the foot but knee or hip which alters the entire mechanics of the lower limb ending up with flat feet. It is important to identify the possible weak muscles of the knee and hip as well to treat the condition. Calf strengthening is of utmost importance. Heel raises, toes walking, walking on uneven surfaces are some of the few exercises. #flatfeet #fixitfriday #healthtips #familyhealth #womenshealth #menshealth
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