Harshal Kamthe

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Koffee with Kkkkk... RUN?!

Koffee with kkkkk...RUN?

Run! Run far away. Run so far away when your gym trainer recommends you some random stuff. "Add 25 gm butter to your coffee for more fat loss and boost metabolism to level 999 but don't even smell sugar and milk because it will make you gain weight" - Based on a true story. Think about it. What would increase your calories? Coffee with 25 gm butter or 50 ml milk with 1-2 tsp sugar? Whatever you are doing, understand why you are doing. Don't follow anyone blindly. Understand the concept. Past history of my client - Morning empty stomach coffee and butter and poor guy always used to puke because he was force-fed in the name of fat loss. You simply can add any food after equating your calories and proteins properly. You need to be on the deficit to lose fats. As simple as that. No such specific food item or drinks will make you boost your metabolism or make you lose fats. Not against any type of coffee but just make the right choices and be smart and understand why and what you are doing. Your approach matters a lot.

Aarush Saini

i think.. wo keto p hoga shayd uske trainer n butter with coffee recommend kri. diet ka difference hai

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