Jitendra Chouksey

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Know when it’s time to shed!

You'd always hear me saying “take people together”. Here's something I've never told you, probably because I've learnt it very recently too.

In life you will always find two kinds of people, the ones who hold onto you, no matter what, in good and in bad and the ones who are like Leaches, while they hold onto you, it's only to suck blood and to you pull you down! Just like you can't tell if the Leach is sucking blood out of you as it releases an anaesthetic, it's quite difficult to identify such people because they're usually very good with the words. There are few ways to identify and remove such people from your life which am writing down from my personal experience. - Either they're too sweet or they're always too critical. You don't need either kind. - They'll always focus on what you're doing and not what you want to do. “Why are you losing weight”, “oh you’re looking sick”, “nah you looked better before”, you’d hear such things commonly. - They'll always talk more but their actions will be sum zero. - They'll use the words -“impossible”, “can't do”, “too risky”, “relax”, “chill” frequently in almost all the conversations. - They'll always tell how everyone is so bad and will continuously engage in excessive gossip. - Their thoughts, the things they say will not have consistency. - They'll be spiteful ( Stay as far as possible from people who want to take revenge) - They'll give excuse of their personal problems into professional work almost all the time to hide their incompetency. Remember one thing, there are people who really want to do good for everyone and for the country, but they cannot because of such people. Now I understand it might be difficult for us to leave people behind at times because of our emotions but let me tell you something! If the tree needs to survive, it needs to shed its old leaves to preserve water and to grow new foliage, to bear more fruits. While some might be lucky enough to have no leaches around them or people pulling them down, not everyone is lucky enough. You came in this world alone, and you want to change this world. Don't let anyone stop you from doing that ! Be it your girlfriend, your relative, your family or even your best friend. Those who understand you will always support and stick by your side, if anything, leaving the leaches will only make the bond between you and the people who support you, stronger! You'd hear people saying this often "Hey, I didn't reach there because of this guy or because of that guy, because of my family pressure, or this or that" NO! You grow up for a reason! As long as you take responsibility for your actions and you know in your heart you're right, you've no reason to stop. And if people try to, shed! You'll do just fine! Cheers,

Priyanka Gour

loved it.. Wonderful msg. Thanks JC.

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