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Curcumin is a herb found in the Indian spice turmeric (haldi). It is generally used to add taste and flavor in Indian curry. Apart from adding great taste to dishes, curcumin is popularly used for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Curcumin is not easily absorbed and does not go through the gut that easily for which you need piperine (an absorption enhancer) which is commonly found in Black Pepper, another Indian spice.

Key points An active ingredient of turmeric Not absorbed quickly Requires piperine for absorption which is present in black pepper Curcumin is fat soluble Is popularly used for anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants Useful? Yes, especially arthritic population Highly anti-inflammatory Helps in relieving joint pain Curcumin mainly found in turmeric (haldi) Piperine mainly found in pepper Harmful? No, Research suggests that curcumin has a very high safety threshold. Dosage? 80 - 500 mg with piperine (piperine helps in absorption of curcumin) Timing? Any time of the day Mostly taken with meals Yash Kaushik Nutrition Consultant, SQUATS

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