Arshdeep Singh

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Teach them young

Kids can sometimes be very stubborn. Often you might have experienced that they do exactly the opposite of what they are asked to do or not to. When I was a kid, I was too inquisitive to know what lies inside those socket points. So I used to put my fingers inside the them thinking there might be some candies hidden. I was often scolded by my dad for doing this. But did I stop? No, I started scratching those socket points when he wasn’t around. He was well aware that I could sometimes be as stubborn as a mule. So what he did was he started praising me and encouraging me like, “Karo Arsh karo, kitna aachaa karte ho ...wahhhh” While he said this he made sure people hearing his statement LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I was all perplexed (because the man who used to thrash me for this deed is motivating me to do this🤔) and embarrassed (I thought I was doing something very stupid hence everyone was laughing at me). So gradually my love for those sockets faded and I stopped doing my thesis on it. What I am trying to deliver is kids have a very school of imagination and may not call “red” as red (they may call it an apple). Do you think this six year old angel would have even batted an eye on this resistance band if she had not seen her mother exercise with the bands regularly? What the mother did here was lead by example. Instead of communicating the kid, the lady showed her that this is a good drill. Now if the mother is eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle, the child witnesses this on a daily basis and thinks- “since my mom does it, it is good.” This is like not asking the kid to do something but showing her and she automatically adapts it. This trick/drill/practice is not only restricted to health and fitness but to any vertical of life. Kids often try to learn from their surroundings. We as parents/adults should ensure that our actions are healthy enough (not just to show kids. Kids are very smart ,they will figure out whether you are faking it or are genuine about your actions) to lead by example.

Nivedita Bakshi

Totally agree with this. And I also try to incorporate this ideology in my daily life. Though I'm not that consistent of doing the exercises (I'm working on it), but have experienced my 1.5 yr old boy copying me every time I do it. I never asked him to do anything, he simply copies me.

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