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**KETO / LOW CARB ** ==================


Keto or a Low carb diet does not give any faster or rapid results and it is as good as any other calorie deficit diet Lets know Why ? Carbohydrates that we consume in our diet are broken down into glucose and stored as Glycogen in our muscle and liver cells .Our body stores it as a fuel in reserve. Low-carb and ketogenic diets work by depleting glycogen. Now here lies the real truth :- Each gram of glycogen is bounded with 3gm(grams) of water. Interestingly , any rapid weight loss diet that claims to give faster result dosen’t actually burn fat faster. Diets such ketogenic diet, or low carb diet are inadequate in carbohydrate consumption and eventually burns up the the glycogen from our body leaving the muscle and liver cells empty. Now ,as muscle glycogen is broken down, the bounded water molecules are also excreted . So the sudden drop in number on your weighing scale is actually a water loss and not fat loss. Once the water loss gets still , this rapid weight loss subsides, and after that the results are similar to any other form of calorie deficit diet. Also, When you come out of such carb restricted diet and refeed with carbs , Glycogen stores are refilled and the water weight comes back just as sooner as it left. Glycogen stores are replenished and additional water molecules are retained. 😎 * Any Calorie deficit diet works for fat loss Be it keto/low carb/moderate carb etc. Choose the one that you can sustain longer

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