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Keto Coffee

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You must have heard of this, adding butter and MCT oil to your morning cup of joe will put your body in “fat-burning mode” and create an environment in which it’s impossible not to lose weight. A former Silicon Valley IT executive has made this trend extremely popular and prosperous, but this doesn’t mean it’s magic!

Claims out there is that by adding butter milked and MCT oil, you’ll burn off body fat the entire day. Let’s run through the potential numbers here. Let’s assume you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need to eat in a calorie deficit, let’s assume you have to eat 1500 daily calories. You start the day with this butter, MCT oil-injected coffee. 200Cal of butter and 200Cal of MCT oil later and you’ve consumed 400 calories. That’s MORE than 1/4 of your daily intake on purely liquid, relatively nonfilling calories. In this same context, you could consume a massive and FILLING salad with a lean protein source and some carbohydrates maybe rice/quinoa/potato. I love my coffee just like the next person, but don’t get into believing that it will alone make you lose weight there is NO magic, if you enjoy a butter coffee and can create a calorie deficit, all the power to you, but don’t get confused as to what it is a 400 calorie beverage and also adding butter to your coffee has no health benefits.


But it does give long lasting energy when your body goes into keto sis process. Isn’t it??

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