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There's an abundance of diet fads and fitness crazes out there. Having to navigate all of them is always tricky. Instead - just keep in mind that the main factor in weight loss is CALORIE DEFICIT. Every diet/fitness program you come across, no matter how shiny it's been packaged, is only based on maximizing calorie deficit. This means consuming less calories than you're burning everyday. It's as simple as that! The other major factor is always going to be resistance training along with NEAT. Whether it be sweating in the gym or at home, regular physical activity will help you shed those kilos and also tone your body in the process. No need to make your fitness journey into rocket science. For an effective, fool-proof method of getting fit - calorie deficit and regular exercise are the only two tools you're going to need.

Ganesh Lakkaraju

I'm living in a hostel. How do I calculate the calorie intake from the mess food?

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