Utsav Agrawal

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I just had a salad is the most used statement when asking someone who tries to eat healthily. Of course, salad can have a plethora of benefits but often people underestimate the calories it can have (ironically overestimate the exercises they do ). In the infographic itself, you can see a bowl of salad can varies from even 100 kcal to 700 kcal. It depends on what are the ingredients in the salad from chicken /paneer to dressings and you will be surprised that few salads can have higher calories than even a big mac burger.

This is why it is, in my opinion, 100% necessary to accurately track your food intake for at least a segmented amount of time. You NEED to understand portions, portion control and how to manipulate them to fit YOUR goals. Don't go by this notion that If you are eating a salad you are going to lose weight inherently, food is context-dependent variable. Note - Do not take it as I am saying salad is making you fat or big mac burger is better than a salad, major takeaway from this piece of information is just that start tracking your calorie intake, food like salad can also pack a lot of calories and can be detrimental for your fitness goal

Neha Paruthi

Talk about putting things in perspective ... thanks !!!

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