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Its more than just a diet !

While dealing with weight loss issues for years , prime reason quoted by women are PCOS , Thyroid. Interesting thing is , underlying cause is unknown to most of them. With whatever little experience I have in this filed, prime reason for overweight is emotional eating or stress. Stress , emotional eating , obesity , PCOS, thyroid all are interconnected. Instead of treating the outcome, lets address the root cause so rest everything is taken care.

Few lifestyle changes that can help your address lot of issues : Early to rise : Wake up just an hour earlier than usual , one hour of less sleep will benefit you more than any sleep deprivation. Use these extra hour for workout , reading , relaxation, meditate , yoga , workout etc. Meditation : Mediation doesn’t mean bouncing on yoga mat or making scary sound while breathing. Take out few minutes to be with yourself, your dreams , just you. Relax your mind energize yourself, do whatever that takes you out from your routine. Stay Active & carefree :Just go back in times and refresh your memories , as a child we use to play for hours, never thought of back injuries while carrying heavy school bags for hrs. We use to eat anything and everything but still remained slim. Today you are eating same or in even less but still gaining weight . So that has changed is your activity levels. Don’t blame it on age , you have become lazy. Sweet : Cut down sugar, it will automatically regulate your mood swings and lot of other issues. Veggies : Whenever you carve for food , fill yourself with lot of veggies , avoid any kind of carb . Carb , Carb + Fat might increase your waist line . Be creative, experimentative with food you will never get bored . Protein & Fat : Your diet should involve good amount of fat and protein . It will fill you up and gives satiety as well, let me remind you , Fat is not Bad. So called , low calorie / fat diet food is bad. Stick to meal time : No need to munch whole day , 3 good meals are sufficient . Splurge on : Instead of fancy restaurants & lounges , splurge on gym membership , buy good organic fruits/ veggies/milk , hire a yoga teacher , consult a nutrition expert . These things will help you achieve your health goals & they are wise investments. Basic parenting tip : Don’t get over possessive, everyone will do well in life, take a chill pill. Good parenting is not just rushing your kids to 10 different extra classes & get obsessed by grades. Let’s keep it simple , for me parenting is child should feel safe, enough of paly time of his / her choice ( avoid electronic gadgets) , balanced nutrition & good environment to explore his own likes and dislikes . Sharma ji ke bet ka beta is getting 99% certainly can be avoided. Every child is different in his or her own way. Last but not the least, love yourself but don’t get comfortable with whatever you have . Thrive to be best and don’t compromise on your lifestyle , little less is good then having it all with ill health . Know your threshold .
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