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It’s about time, we understood the importance of emotional well being.

Emotional wellness series!

It’s official now, the lockdown is going to stay for 3 weeks at least. This whole thing is going to be difficult. Especially for all the lifting enthusiasts here. I know for a fact that all these push-ups and home workout routines are not going to suffice our appetite. But this is the only way to keep the momentum going. So, a big thank you to all the people/consultants who are enlightening us with different home workout routines during this quarantine. And while much is being said about physical wellness, I realize that these days could very well be used to assess our emotional wellness. We all talk about it on a surface level but never delve deep into it. Emotions are often ignored, even though our whole lives are governed by it. We SHOULD be aware of its importance.  Don’t you believe me? Let’s look at the stats here. According to a WHO report, more than 264 million across the globe are going through depression. If we talk about suicides, there are close to 800,000 suicides committed every year. That’s 1 suicide every 40 seconds (Faster death rate than this current pandemic). That is an indicator of how ignored emotional well-being is across the world. Life throws different dices, right?! Let’s just take ‘break ups’ for example. We all cope with it in so many ways. Some of us turn towards food for comfort, some start drowning themselves in heaps of work, some resort to drinking or some go to therapy & still don’t see the silver lining. How many of us just sit back and understand the depth of our emotional core in such moment? How many of us accept the situation and work towards getting better positively? And we are talking about one inconvenient situation here.  If none of these is alarming enough, we just need to take a look around. We all are just looking for ways to escape our own sense of self. There always has to be something to keep us busy. So that we don’t confront what we are actually going through. Binge-watching tv shows, memes, debating on social media, amusing videos, comfort food, drinking, drugs – For many of us these have become the ways to escape everything. We NEED to be emotionally equipped if we want to witness a fulfilling life. To do that, we have to take matters in our own hands. Because no amount of therapy or motivation is going to help unless we get determined to understand our personal issues. We need to break down every emotion, understand it deeply and get comfortable with it. Just as we all take initiatives to get fit by understanding the concept of calories and macros.  There are several books which have categorized emotions in different scales. From the likes of Fear/grief/unworthiness, Jealousy, hatred, rage to that of Optimism, contentment, Enthusiasm, passion, happiness, freedom and Joy.  Wouldn’t it be better if we understand all of them? I will be posting about them, one at a time! ( Just trying my bit to help us) We all are looking to survive this pandemic. If we used this time efficiently to understand our own emotions, we have a chance at witnessing a fulfilling life after this. Fingers crossed! Disclaimer: Mind you, all these ideas will be borrowed from so many sources. They will be an amalgamation of different things that I have read/watched. So, I am no therapist, no philosopher, just a sharer of my own understandings.

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