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Is your job stopping you from being fit? Can you manage it?

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When I was in college, my only goal was TO HAVE FUN. Played a lot and partied hard. I was found either on beaches (chilling with my friends) or on the ground playing something. I could be high as a kite, but if there was a match in the morning, I was game for it. Deep down, I knew, that it affected my performance. Wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But never dared to give up on my indulgence. Never had the money for a gym too. Or whenever I had, I used to spend it on cigarettes and booze (Shit! Could have joined a gym!).

Fitness always took a back seat. I THOUGHT THAT WOULD CHANGE WHEN I LAND UP A JOB. (Cuz Money = Time = Life sorted = Naaice! He ha ) Hell NO! Lived in a company’s provided guest house. Now I had other things to blame for my choices. Be it food from the mess, my stay, overtly crowded gym in the office or lack of time (as it was a new job and I had to create a good impression, phew!), I never ran out reasons. Fridays were for getting drunk, bitching about work, getting over exes & Mondays (which never came) to start off with fitness goals. I was never fat, and that too made me a bit lazy about chasing all this. I was just bullshitting myself. Of course, It was never about the circumstances, time or money. It was all about my priorities. And also, a bit about the lack of awareness that I had to overcome to be a fit individual. I can say that because I saw myself working for it when I was in the transition of quitting IT and working full time as a fitness coach. Situations were worse than ever, but I managed to do it. (That age-old adage; How badly you want it?) I learnt things the hard way. Well, the fool’s way. But you don’t have to do that. I see many individuals going through the same patches, and I want them to know that they can still manage to be fit by applying few practical methods. Be it your stay, food choices or money/time constraints, you can overcome them. The first issue in this series that I am going to address is the issue of 'Managing Food choices.’ You can incorporate the following: 1) Carry food items whose calories are easy to track. For example – Bread, eggs, cheese & Whey. Your daily protein intake is sorted, and so are your calories. 2) Whenever you eat out, make sure you complete your protein and fibre intake. Say if you weigh 70 kilos, Eat at least 75 grams of protein in the day. Go for chicken/paneer tikka or grilled options rather than the gravy items. Include veggies (green leafy). Protein and fibre provide satiety, and you won't feel hunger pangs that often. 3) Have carbs in moderation. More you eat them; more you crave. 4) TRACK YOUR CALORIES. You have 'fittr’ app, use' diet tool’ to track calories of the food items that you are eating outside. But make sure you have prioritized-Protein >> fiber >> fats >> carbs in that order. I don't mean to preach here but to provide you with some hacks that helped me. And I believe it can help you too. Besides, it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others than to commit them and then learn. So, I urge you to make the smart choice here. Also, wait for the other articles in which I cover other issues like 'Monetary constraints' and 'Lack of time’. Cheers!

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