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Is whey protein superior than soy protein?

When it comes to choosing the right protein supplement, people often get confused which protein source to choose. Many studies were conducted in determining the influence of protein sources in gaining lean body mass and strength in response to resistance exercise training (RET) but it was less clear to determine which protein source impacts Lean body mass and strength in long term.

A meta-analysis was conducted with participants divided into 5 groups where they were compared with whey and soy protein.  Results showed that supplementing resistance training with whey or soy protein has increased their strength significantly but there was no difference between groups in terms of strength. Strength and Lean body mass have increased in both the groups but there was no difference between groups. The result of this meta-analysis indicates that soy protein and whey produce similar gains in terms of muscle and strength. Another study was conducted with 28 male subjects randomly divided into 3 groups (placebo, whey, and Soy) and participated in 12 weeks of supervised resistance training. Results showed all three groups gained significant strength and an increase in muscle mass with no difference between groups. This meta-analysis also indicates that soy and whey produce similar results when it comes to gain muscle and strength. Choose the right protein supplement source which has complete essential amino acid profile be it whey or Soy. Follow a proper diet and workout and you will surely be closer to your goal.

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How do we look at both proteins in terms of bioavailability?

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