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Is tracking calories the only way to lose weight?

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You might not “need” to always track your calories to achieve weight loss and maintain weight loss. However, I feel it is required in most cases. A widespread and almost entirely ubiquitous issue I see with people who struggle with weight loss is the complete lack of knowledge when it comes to a foods energy density(how many calories it carries), especially hyper-palatable foods like think ice cream, cookies, chips, etc Tracking your calories or macronutrients (macros) allows you to understand what’s “in food,” the amount you’re genuinely consuming on a daily/weekly basis. That builds a foundation of knowledge to make informed, pragmatic adjustments. Your desired method of eating doesn’t matter in this regard. Love keto, track. Love vegan, track. Love high carb, track, etc. Once you have tracked accurately for some time and begin to understand what’s in food and how much you’re usually consuming a few months of diligent tracking, you can objectively make decisions and adjust your food intake needed.

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