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Is the myth of perfect food & workout hampering your health?

Fitness Myths
Have you always wondered if there’s such a thing as the best food or exercise for fat loss?

What is that one product that helps you lose weight faster? Admit it: when you started your quest to lose fat, the first thing you did was to search for "best food for weight loss" and “best workout for fat loss”. In fact, when you met any friends or colleagues who had managed to lose weight, the very first question you asked them was "What did you eat?” Then, you probably followed the EXACT same steps to try and lose weight. Here’s the truth: such an approach rarely works. Most people think there is that one special food that will finally make them lose weight and get fit! They try to follow every single “diet tip” out there but eventually, nothing works. Some people quit dieting out of frustration, others find their routine boring while a lot of folks simply cannot sustain clean eating habits for too long! Your Approach: One special food for fat loss = Fat loss/weight loss This is bound to fail. You cannot simply pick one food item and expect to live on it, day in and day out. It cannot become the sole food in your diet plan. The Right Approach: 1. What quantity of food should you include in your diet? 2. Can you really afford to include those calories? 3. Will it be easy to prepare every day? 4. Will you be able to consume it daily? A few important pointers to keep in mind: 1. No single food item by itself will help you lose weight: Weight loss is always about energy balance. If your energy expenditure is more than your caloric intake, you will lose weight. 2. What worked for Peter won’t work for Paul: You need to find what works for you. Maybe the other person enjoyed having cheese daily but can you do it? What if you prefer carbs? Will you be able to sustain a low carb diet just because it worked for someone else? 3. Aim for Dietary Inclusion: A balanced diet needs to include all 3 major macronutrients viz. Fats, Protein, and Carbohydrates. Each of them has a vital and unique role to play in maintaining your health. Exclude them at your own peril. Once you understand this, then you will know that all food items provide some energy when consumed. This was about Food. What about Exercise? Just as no single food will make you fit, in the same manner, no single exercise by itself is going to help you lose weight either. It’s the combined effect of Proper Nutrition and Effective Training that will help you achieve your goal. It would not make much sense if you had "one best food item" and continue your unhealthy eating habits with the hope to lose fat. In the same manner, you can’t pick a single exercise and expect it to work wonders on your overall physique. What About Health Products? Do They Work? Many products in the market promote fat loss and hype other benefits which are misleading. Most people fall prey to these claims because: 1. They lack basic knowledge of nutrition and exercise 2. They don’t understand the importance of consistency and patience 3. They are bad at setting goals (Fitness simply isn’t on their priority list) 4. They constantly compare themselves to others and want to try what the other person did Would you ever buy a product that guarantees an instant increase in your wealth? Eg: Buy this product and you will become rich in 2 days? I assume that you wouldn't believe that as your wealth is determined by your hard work and perseverance. But some people do fall for such get-rich-quick schemes and pay the price. The same applies to your fitness journey as well. Fitness cannot be purchased - not by paying for an expensive gym membership nor by purchasing fancy gadgets and products. What’s The Right Approach? The first step to progress towards your goal is to find some space for it on your priority list. Fitness should be high up on that list, preferably in the Top 3. Then, begin by understanding the process to reach your goal. With the right application of knowledge over time, good results will follow! The effort that you put day in and day out will determine your results. Nothing else matters!

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