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Is sugar really the main culprit behind weight gain?

Fitness Myths
Even I was even influenced by this notion for a very long time. I suddenly became more conscious about the tea that I drank every day because it had sugar in it. Come to think of it, even my clients have the same doubts most of the time.

But no, sugar isn’t bad at all. At the end of the day, every gram of glucose obtained from sugar will be exactly the same as every gram of glucose you get from rice. But I still do not prefer eating sugar. Especially when the goal is fat loss. The reason behind this has nothing to do with calories or macros. But sugar ranks low in the satiety index. It doesn’t do much to your hunger as much as other foods like rice or oats do. And I strongly dislike clients staying hungry for long just for a few minutes of pleasure that the sugar gives. This is so because the longer you stay hungry, the more are the chances that you’ll eat foods outside your diet. You’ll control your hunger for a few instances but after that, it’ll be really difficult for a normal human being to control himself. I find it very wrong when people argue over calories being the same so that they can accommodate the sugary foods. It never was about just the calories in foods. You also must consider how comfortable the client will be with the diet throughout the day after having eaten the foods.


"But no, sugar isn’t bad at all"! Really?

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