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Is Sleep important for your progress? Let the numbers speak!

Sleep & Stress
You have seen a lot of our consultants emphasizing the importance of sleep for making better progress and still there are a lot of people do everything right, except sleep enough.

I’m a person who loves quantification the most and you should definitely read my article series “Quantified training for hypertrophy and strength” (go ahead search it in the group). In this article I want to quantify how your results might get affected with improper sleep. Sleeping less is one of the biggest problems people face these days with the busy schedule they have. And one of the common things which happens if you sleep less is you start eating more as you are awake for the most of the time and especially when your appetite kicks in after 6pm. We also have evidence that leptin levels drop and Ghrelin levels increase with long term sleep deprivation. However, to clear if sleep deprivation alone with similar calorie deficit and exercise regime is going to affect results differently, below study was conducted. In a study by Imperial J, et al (2010) the researchers tried to find out how fat loss and muscle growth was affected between individuals under similar conditions except with different sleep dosages. - 10 overweight individuals were split into 2 groups. - Both groups were put into moderate calorie deficits for 14 days - One group was sleeping only 5.5 hrs/day (5.5 group) - Other group was sleeping 8.5 hrs/day (8.5 group) - Both groups lost similar weight - Fat loss was 55% more in 8.5 group when compared to 5.5 group (1.4kg vs 0.6kg) - Fat free mass increase was 60% more in 8.5 group when compared to 5.5 group (2.4kg vs 1.5kg). Now with the current situations, we already are facing challenges in making progress with limited resources in terms of equipment to work out or protein food to meet nutrition requirements. Let Sleep not be another factor which affecting your progress and make sure you get enough sleep everyday. Ref :

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