Is eating healthy expensive?


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Is eating healthy expensive? by Praveen Budhrani

Are you one of those who believe that eating healthy can cost a fortune? Would you believe that Potatoes have almost the same micro nutrient content as Avocados? Yet you can buy them at almost 1/3 the prices of avocados. For Avocados macronutrient profile, you need not look any further than Peanuts. We don’t even want to get into the price comparison of these two. You get the idea! Further, 25 gm. of protein sourced from soya costs around Rs.8 rupees, vis-à-vis, whey protein, which is around Rs.100 rupees for the same quantity of protein. On the debate of organic vs normal foods, there is a lot of uncertainty over its advantages over conventional foods vis-à-vis the additional cost involved [1]. If you are not able to afford organic, you are probably not missing out on much! Of course, the above are just a few examples from many, being healthy requires a lot more than just making right food selection, it also requires giving emphasis on overall caloric intake, being physically active and making both sustainable in the long run. In order to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, all you need is a little bit of planning, basic knowledge on nutrition and just being little aware about the food choices suitable for you. Which food item have you splurged on recently? Can you name a cheaper substitute? Reference : [1] Barański, M., Rempelos, L., Iversen, P. O., & Leifert, C. (2017). Effects of organic food consumption on human health; the jury is still out!. Food & nutrition research, 61(1), 1287333. #fittr #fittrcoach #fitspo #nutritionscience #personaltraining #nutritioncoach #weekendbinge #weighttraining #cheatmeal #weekendbinge #calorie #calories #caloriesincaloriesout #lowcaloriemeals #lowcalorie #diet #fatloss #dieta #lowcaloriediet #lowcaloriefood #fitness #healthy #cleaneating #fitfam #instafit #healthylifestyle #fitnessaddict #food #healthyfood #nutrition

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Having black coffee instead of BCAA is a perfect example

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