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Is counting calories necessary?

Dieting Psychology
There's a lot of time we get to hear that, "hey I want to lose weight but not be able to measure food, can't I eat just "healthy".

The basic principle of fat loss is that you have to eat less than you are burning and to achieve that you must know how much calories you are actually eating and to get that number you need to access your food intake and count calories. Now the argument comes, hey but there are diets out there that tell us not to count calories and gives guidelines to lose weight even some famous nutritionist too. you know what even diets that tell you that you don't have to count calories or restrict calories will trick you into doing it anyhow. They simply cut down a lot of food option and give you options which are inherently low calorie, low protein but there are a lot of issues associated with that like sustainability, muscle loss, weight rebound, deficiencies, etc ( not covering that in detail for now ) Secondly, eating without counting calories can lead to overeating. {1}There was one study in which two groups of the athlete were kept in surplus. One group was kept around maintenance +500 kcal and the other one no calorie counting. At the end of the 12 weeks, a group which was not counting calories gained 5 percent extra body fat and here's the interesting fact - they were in surplus that is eating more than the food needed to maintain their weight and even then they gained more fat because they were not tracking calories. Takeaway- Even though you might be finding measuring each and everything a daunting task now but it's important for your goal and slowly and gradually it becomes your second nature. References- 1.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23679146

bhavna joshii

True that. Since the time I have started measuring and eating...I am also being very aware of how much damage a small lick and bite does... it really helps in regulating cravings

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