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INSTANT GRATIFICATION- Another Reason For Diet Fail

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Instant gratification - Another reason for diet fail

===================================== How many times it happened that you started the sustainable diet and workout with full enthusiam and absolute "perfection"** but just because you were not getting the results fast, you left the diet and workout . Sound familiar? What happened next? With a lot of people just because to get quick results they fall into the trap of crash diet as it's so lucrative - quick and drastic results. Well, there is an old saying - all that shines is not gold and just like that you might be able to reduce a good amount of weight in a short period but in almost all the cases you will gain back that weight again So if you could just delay the gratification and follow the diet on which you know you can sustain and lose in a healthy manner. You not only get to lose weight but also keep it off for a lifetime. This can apply in all aspects of your life - finance, work, education, etc. Always remember " the need for instant gratification distracts us from long term success" Cheers!!

Prateek Maggo

Very well said. As they say, nothing worth achieving comes easy. As humans, we are bound to be attracted towards the easier alternatives. The real taste of success comes in grinding through the difficult path.

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