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Injuries : You don't need to learn it hard way always

Injury prevention & Rehab
Many times we rush the process in the gym and get ourselves injured. Injury will not just painful but it comes with lots of frustration of not able to do things which you love.

If we take care of certain aspects then chances of injuries will get minimised. 1. Dynamic Stretching before starting workout. This will help you activate the muscle and joints to get prepared for the workout coming. Perform some light weight sets and gradually adding weight towards the working sets will help you to to get blood flow to the muscle and prepare them for working sets. 2. Form should be utmost priority when doing any exercise. Always strive to get the good form as this will ensure that you are not breaking anything, breaking the form for just one rep will always maximize the chances of injuries and hence you make a dent in longevity which is the most important factor behind the consistent growth and progress. 3. Understand capability and chode weight judiciously. Everyone have different capability. Never get offended if some dude is lifting more than you. Its always you vs you, if you are able to improve your last lifts weight even by a kilo or by rep then its good progress. Its not necessary to match the performance of others. May be they have more experience than you. So always compare yourself with self only. Take the inspiration by great lifters out in gym but don't mimic weight they lift. It could be dangerous. 4. Listen to your body. Body always give signal if injury is near. Listen to your body. Don't put demands which body is not capable of. Understand the needs of body and give proper nutrition/recovery required. 5. Based on the stress levels in your life or based on the feel of the day try incorporating the easy day. Its fine to shuffle your routine and have an easy day based on the stress levels or fatigue that day or based on recovery levels. You don't need to rev a car to red line always. Sometimes its good to drive normally as well. 6. If you are getting injured again and again just because you are adamant to add that "one famous exercis everyone do" then its time to rethink about it. Either you should think of discontinuing the movement which is getting you injured for sometime OR try replacing that with other movement which can benefit you in similar way. Revisit the form for that exercise and progress slowly with that when you reintroduce that movement again. 7. Too much volume just because you want to be Arnold in one month? This is the long process and not just one day. So always have the volume which you can recover and did not stress out your body much and keeps you unfer recovered. These are some of the point I use to follow which helped me feeling safe from injuries as I don't want to get out of gym for considerable amount of time just because I want to save 10 minutes OR I want to rush the process. What all things you do to ensure the injury free workout?
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