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Indian fitness myths

Fitness Myths
The more you sweat, the more you burn FAT?

Yes, I know this is attractive but is this really true or just another myth. Let’s find out! Why do you sweat? Sweating is primarily a means of thermoregulation in the human body i.e., whenever the body temperature goes up, the body tries to bring it back to the normal by releasing sweat through the sweat glands. When this water evaporates from the skin it leaves the cooling effect also referred to as evaporative cooling. More sweat is produced in hot weather or when the body temperature goes up especially during workout sessions. Now, this happens in response to the body temperature, not because of melting fat. So to conclude, more sweat means the more fat loss is a myth! It's FAT, not ICE! ⚠️ Yes, you cannot burn fat by sitting under the sun for 2 hours and expecting your body to melt fat and flush it out of the system in form of sweat. You might get some vitamin D tho! Which is good! Fat is oxidized in the body when you do any physical activity. IT DOES NOT EVAPORATE! Adverse effect 😫 The most adverse effect of excessive sweating is dehydration which can further lead to constipation, dry skin, concentrated urine, fatigue, nausea, etc. And in severe cases might lead to coma and death. And not forgetting the most adverse effect of sweating i.e., You Stink!! Take home message! ✅ Do not believe that sweating means melting or burning fat. Next time somebody tells you that more sweat will lead to more fat loss then refer them to this article. (and SQUATS) ✅ Workout in any gym (AC or Non-AC). Do what’s comfortable. ✅ Keep your body hydrated during the day and especially during the workout sessions. ✅ If you sweat a lot then add deodorant to your gym bag checklist. ✅ It’s just a feelgood factor. Nothing more! Cheers Yash Kaushik Nutrition Consultant @ SQUATS
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