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Indian fitness myth

Fitness Myths
Article series: Indian fitness myths

FAD DIETS: The Bitter Truth ========================== What are fad diets? Fad diets are diets which promise quick weight loss in an unhealthy and unbalanced manner. Fad diets restrict intake of certain foods. These type of diets are difficult to follow on a long-term basis. These diets are unhealthy and harmful for your health. Some popular Fad diets are Crash dieting, GM diet, Juice diet, Liquid diet, Vegetable diet, Fruit diet etc. It’s a fad if it fulfills any of the following - Claims for a ‘quick fix’. Losing more than 2-3 pounds every week is not a healthy way to do it. Promises to lose weight without exercising and keep it off. Limits your food choices and does not offer a balanced diet. Promotes a brand or a weight loss product. Diets which includes spending money on weight loss products. Suggests combination of foods for weight loss. Negative effects of Fad Diets on health - Dehydration - Some fad diets promote less water intake than what’s required by the body. When you try to lose weight too quickly then most of the weight you lose is water weight which can be harmful and cause a dehydrating effect on the body. Dizziness and Fatigue - Eating way too low which decrease the performance of the body and your body might try to survive the starvation mode by reducing the metabolic rate in which case you might feel dizzy and fatigue during the day. Digestion problems - Eating less means lesser fiber intake which directly leads to Constipation. Vitamin and mineral Deficiency - Restriction on eating a variety of food items restricts you to eat all the essential vitamin and minerals required every day by the body. Most of us get a vitamin and mineral deficiency because of bad eating habits. Metabolic damage - Eating ultra low calories suppresses the metabolic efficiency of the body. In an attempt to survive the starvation mode body reduce the energy usage and decreases the metabolism. When this is continued for longer duration it results in metabolic shutdown or metabolic damage. What’s right then? How to lose fat quickly? Nothing comes easy and quick. Forget about what’s new in the market and believe in what’s correct and scientific. Avoid any pills or weight loss product for quick results. Read the pinned post and understand the importance of nutrition and training to achieve your fitness goal. Follow a structured diet rich in all the essential nutrients which help you lose weight in a healthy way. Cheers!
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