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Inculcate consistency!

I considered playing the guitar for a while. Playing wrong notes and regular callouses on my fingers never felt fun. I thought of lifting weights. Eating in moderation and working out sucked ass big time in the beginning. In engineering, the idea of studying consistently for a month for some paper never occurred to me.

And like most of you, I have grown up with the phrase “Dimaag to bhot hai, but mehnat nahi karta hai!” I used to be complacent with the fact that I have the potential. But I never reached it. Take a guess why?! The answer was always in front of me. But it felt too damn hard. "Doing one thing every day, huh? What kind of a loser chooses that monotonous life?” Then I realized that if I do not address it, I am always going to be in the delusion of “What I could have been” rather than actually reaching my potential. Be it a newfound business or some passion or a good habit that you want to inculcate, the motivation to start something always accumulates over time, and you start one day! Starting with something has never been the major problem. Continuing it despite hurdles is a big one. The whole bruhaha about a goal fizzes out in a few days. Why? Because we set ourselves up for failure by being starry-eyed about the rewards/results and never taking into account how the process feels like. Well, it's hard to digest, but the process is never going to feel pleasant in the beginning. One thing was evident to me. For a goal, you need to set some systems in motion. You want to get fit? Eat right and lift every day. You want to master an instrument? Play every day for 2 hours.You want to make your restaurant popular? Maintain the consistency of good taste. You want to switch to a positive mindset? Choose good feeling thoughts every time. You want to be loved? Choose love over judgements every time. You want to be creative? Execute your ideas without being afraid. There is no other criteria for achieving anything in life. It has and will always be about being CONSISTENT with your efforts. It is all about POWER OF REPETITION. It has everything to do with the HABITS you form. Your habits define your existence and your experiences in life. If you choose them, you gotta stick to them! I am still trying to incorporate this philosophy in life, and I struggle with it as well. But, the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I complete a set of systems for my goals is just unfathomable. And I kid you not when I say that at times it feels more significant than the goal itself. It feels like growth, it feels like being at ease, it feels like comfort. Conquering your process will always be the more prominent achievement. Try being CONSISTENT fellas, you might find it difficult in the beginning, but where’s the joy in winning the battle which felt easy anyway? You will get the hang of it eventually. Go ahead, I am always with ya!

Ritu Malik

Loooooved it!

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