Nachiketh Shetty

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Increasing weight every set is NOT progressive overload

Exercise Science
The story of Milo of Croton where this dude picks a calf every day until it grows into a bull and he's still picking it up everyday is sold as a classic example of progressive overload.

But the wrong interpretation of that story just kills your gains(read that in Jeff Calaviere's voice). The bull wasn't growing by a few grams everyday. Some days, Milo got to lift the same weight, some days for a longer distance, some days he just said fuck it and took some rest, came back again next day. Point is, you don't necessarily HAVE TO increase the load in every set or every session. Milo didn't either. You just have to lift what you think is super hard in EVERY SINGLE SET. Eventually, you'll reach a point where the same 10kg bicep curls which felt like a grind, now feels like...well, less of a grind. You'll grow bigger, stronger (with the same dumbbells) until you need heavier dumbbells to grow further. If Milo really wanted to do what you do in the name of progressive overload, dude would've needed 3 calves to complete his workout session; lightest one for the first set, and the heaviest one for the final set. He wouldn't have grown even half as strong as he did by lifting the heaviest bull everyday. #progressiveoverload #lifting #workout #exercise #volume #exercisescience #strength #nachikethshetty #coaching #onlinecoach #milo #croton #fittrcoach #fittr #nutrition

Dinesh Kumar Sharma

Wonderful new perspective!! Will start from tomorrow. Does this also apply to 3 heavy exercises - Squats, Deadlifts and Chest Press ?

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