Mohnish Alka Thakkar

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Incline dumbell press : Save your shoulders .

Injury prevention & Rehab
Incline Dumbell Press :

We see a lot of people doing incline dumbell press or shoulder overhead press keeping their elbows flared out which may lead to injury in the long run . I was one of them initially and did a minor change in my exercise technique that din't only saved my shoulders from getting injured but also focued on the target muscle more i.e " Chest " . The chances of getting shoulder impingement , shoulder pain ,rotator cuff injuries are high if by putting your shoulders in a unsafe position by having them flared out . The change here as you can see in the second picture is that i have tucked my elbows in a safe position thereby eleminating any stress on the rotator cuffs to avoid any future injuries .It may take time initailly to get used to this technique but eventually you will feel more good on your shoulders as and when you start incorporating and keep practising .



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