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“ In case you are a victim of failed dieting strategies! “

Statutory warning: "Accepting truth is not as injurious to health as other things could be!”

A few truth bombs stating why different dieting strategies did not work for you. >>You bought into the idea of doing the first thing that popped on a google search! Internet is a fantastic place. You type in "how to lose weight in 10 days?" A million links pop up. And it's not your fault that you buy into such things and give them a try. You don’t know what info is credible enough. And, finding credible information is tough. (May be even tougher than finding the right porno for your alone time🙂). >>First truth: "Any diet which is in a calorie deficit works!" But the question that you need to ask is that, is it healthy for you? >>GM diet! Does it work? Of course, it does! Does it mess your metabolism? Bigtime! >>Paleo diet! Yep, this works too. Time has struck for dairy products and grains to piss right off! >>Dixit diet, IF, everything works if you are ready to starve and have 2 meals a day and look like unfed kids from Africa. Losing fat and losing weight are two different things. For losing fat, make sure you preserve your muscles. Eat adequate protein and lift. Muscles and metabolism, both are saved that way. Don't go for diets, go for structured nutrition. (Remember that phenomenon ‘Get Shredded'? Give it a read some time.) >>Second truth: “Diets don't fail, people do! “ Create a balance between moderation and restriction. If your goal requires the limitation of certain food items, you have to bear them. If your goal allows you to have things in moderation, go for it. Find what is sustainable for YOU. >>You didn't feel motivated enough! >>Third truth: You can stare at that' No pain, no gain' poster for as long as you want, but it won't make things easier. You know what works? Getting up your sorry ass and working for your goals. You want to earn money; you work on your cash making acumen. You want to top a Physics test; you study for it! (Or work on a fantastic cheating strategy) Set habits in motion. Motivation does not last anyway, habits do! >>You did flexible dieting without maintaining a food log! >>Fourth truth: It takes months of practice, awareness and education to be a flexible dieter. If you are a newbie and you do not believe in restrictive dieting, you won’t adjust calories, you would just adjust your goals. Maintain a food log daily and do not indulge in cheats more often. Leave flexible dieting to the experts. >>You gave up on slow progress! Why has it become a race for you? >>Fifth truth: Progress varies according to individuals. Their consistency, their adherence to the diet & their own response. You took time to be fat, you need time to get fit. Period! Any progress is good progress, and you have stick to the process to see the results in the longer run. In case you keep comparing yourself to others, you realize that there is no ‘Judwa' diet plan having similar effects on two individuals, right?! To conclude it’s high time you all stop looking for a perfect dieting strategy and introspect where things go wrong. >> The ultimate truth: It’s not just about a plan or a strategy, It’s about how much of it you can execute on a consistent basis.

Bhavana Pujar

I tend to loose wait slowly but gain weight really very fast. what should I do?

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