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"Importance of workouts for new mothers"

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"Why is workout important post-pregnancy?

Giving birth is a blessing! But it takes a toll on our body. A woman lose strength and nutrients from her body, when she deliver her baby. So getting back in your workout routine can be a big task, as you might not have time and energy, while taking care of your newborn. But exercising really helps 🙂 ✔Regular workouts helps in strengthening and toning your muscles, raising your energy levels. ✔It helps in relieving stress and prevent post-natal depression. ✔It helps in strengthening your pelvic floor. ✔Start with light walk and increase the time and pace of your walk gradually. ✔Even after 6-8 weeks of delivery, you will be healing inside. Do low intensity exercises. Stop the moment you feel any discomfort or pressure on your scar. ✔Avoid abdominal exercises like crunches, sit ups, etc that can put pressure on the scar. ✔Avoid lifting heavy. Keep your back straight while lifting anything. ✔Safe exercises for new mothers are walking, aerobics, yoga, swimming, cycling and light weight training. ✔Do not overdo the exercises, you are still recovering! ✔Get a green signal from your gynaecologist, before starting your workouts. ✔A healthy diet with adequate macronutrients helps in fast recovery!


What are the basic post preg work outs ? Is jogging advisable ?

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