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Importance of workout.

Exercise Science
Starting your fitness journey: Part – 2.

Hello guys, I guess by now you’ve figured out that diet is something you shouldn’t fear, so let us discuss the training aspect. If you’re still scared of following a diet or have doubts, read the link given below. Training is an important part of your fitness journey, be it fat loss or muscle gain. As you’ve read previously TDEE = BMR(60-75%)+NEAT(10-15%)+EAT(10-15%)+TEF(10%). The EAT part (no, not binge eating on stuff but calories needed for any intentional activity like working out in gym, going for a run, etc) constitutes up to 15 percent of your TDEE. So, training not only helps you get stronger, build muscle, improves your bone density but also expend more calories. Your body also requires more calories just to maintain the muscles you have as compared to maintain the fat. Hence, as you increase your muscle mass, your BMR and TDEE will also increase. Now that we understand training is important, do you have a workout plan? Yes? Great! But are you following it? There are lot of people who feel intimidated at a gym when they join, perhaps because they are conscious of how they look, they feel people will make fun of them, or they simply wonder if they can lift the weights, etc. While some people have a hectic schedule, kids to take care of, etc and don’t have the time to go to the gym. You sometimes get overwhelmed by all of this and then think wouldn’t it be easy if you simply skip workout and stay at home? For those who can go to gym but are afraid, please brush aside your thoughts, fight your fears, let go of your insecurities and start going to the gym! We didn’t start running when we were babies, did we? We took small steps, tumbled over, cried but did not give up. Similarly, you should start with low intensity, low volume workouts. You can find Beginner’s program on the Fittr app or make your own one. Start with that, learn the form of exercises, post your workout videos to review forms where you feel you lack. For those who cannot go to gym due to certain constraints, you can workout at home as well. All you need is few dumbbells or resistance bands. You will find Home workout programs as well in the app. Now, if it is impossible to workout, don’t worry you can increase your NEAT (which not to forget contributes 10-15% of your TEE); use the stairs, cycle/walk short distances, go for a walk, just increase your physical activity levels than before because something is better than nothing. I hope you now will start following a training plan consistently. Get moving people! Feel free to ask your doubts in the comments section. Cheers! 😊


It is frustrating sometimes when you spend hours in gym but loose good amount of muscles during travel breaks or gap in workout due to other priorities or lack of proteins and you have to start it again?! i believe thats reality and we have to do our best to keep that momentum? is it true or correct me if wrong. cheers

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