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Importance of Sleep for overall Health and Fitness

Fat Loss
How many of us are guilty of skipping sleep here??

========================================= I am sure there are many of you here who sacrifice sleep for hanging out with friends or binge watch Netlix or to party all night or to reach that project deadline and many other reasons with the same end result of accumulated sleep debt. The more the debt, worser the consequences. Let us try and understand the importance of sleep and fatloss and also how it helps in long term weight management. * Sleep is essential for Recovery - If you dont sleep enough you will be less inclined to workout or even if you do, you wont be able to give your 100%. How many times have you felt like skipping your workout because you just didn't have the energy to push yourself? Your muscles repair and rejuvenate in sleep and you feel charged the nextday. A good night's sleep can maximize your training performance and result in better fatloss and muscle retention. * Sleep controls appetite - Ever felt more hungry than usual when staying up late? Did you turn to snacking often and found yourself in the pantry looking for junk food the next day because you compromised on sleep? Understand that sleep is very essential in regulating your hunger hormones and regulating appetite. A sound night's sleep will ensure you stick to your goals and will be less inclined to deviate from your diet with reduced cravings. * Sleep and cognitive ability - If you do not sleep well your productivity will get hampered and you will take longer to finish tasks. You are more likely to make mistakes and be less efficient and lethargic. Sleeping well will improve your productivity and make you more alert and efficient. It helps a lot in having mental clarity and well-being. * Sleep and fatloss - Cutting back on sleep seriously affects your efforts at fatloss. You will be constantly hungry and may go an a self-sabotaging spree. You are more likely to ruin your efforts at fatloss by over consuming calories. Sleeping less also leads to reduced energy expenditure, reduced NEAT and can promote fat retention. Sleeping well will ensure you are not sabotaging your goals. *Sleep and anti-ageing - We all have a closet full of creams and potions and different serums to help our skin look younger and supple. Sleeping less and increase in our sleep debt can lead us to have baggy and swollen eyes, dark under eye circles, dull skin etc. Sleep is when a lot of our epidermal recovery takes place. So sleeping well will ensure you look healthy and well. There is a reason mankind spends 1/3rd of their life sleeping. It is the soul and essence of our well being but in this fast paced life where each one of us is chasing different goals and we do not blink an eye before sacrificing sleep. Looking at all the above reasons, we can realize the importance of sleep and why we should prioritize it for better quality of life. Hope this quarantine all of you got tonnes of sleep and rest. Have a great day!!

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