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Importance of sleep

We often get influenced by political figures/businessmen/celebrities, who claim that they only sleep 3-4 hours a day and work very hard to achieve their goals.

Well yes, it’s always good to get motivated by someone's work ethic but we also need to understand that their motivation might not be getting as jacked as possible or to live healthiest lifestyle possible for them. As per the research, reduction in sleep by 3 hours [5.5 hours vs. 8.5 hours] can alter your weight loss goals from fat mass to fat-free mass (majorly skeletal muscle) by 55% and it can also contribute to increased hunger levels, thereby increasing your chances of breaking the diet. While the above study points out direct impact on the fat loss due to sleep deprivation, there are many studies which say that sleep deprivation is likely to cause many health issues like Inflammation, reduced cognitive performance , reduction in daily energy expenditure and impaired insulin sensitivity etc., which can also impact our fitness goals. So, if you feel that even after following proper diet and nutrition, you are not getting the desired results then sleep deprivation might be that missing piece of puzzle. Sleeping anywhere between 7 to 9 hours might do wonders to your progress. Measures to improve sleep quality: (i) Consistent sleep schedule , (ii) Regular exercise , (iii) Avoiding caffeine six hours prior to bed time , (iv) Sleeping in a cool room , (v) Avoiding noisy environment, (vi) Avoid blue light (if you habit of using cell phones before bed time considering installing application which reduces the blue light) Last but not the least , don't watch scared games by sacrificing your sleep;) Cheers!! References:

Praveen Budhrani

hello Donna, ideally it's better to have continuous sleep but yeah considering your case , it's better to sleep in afternoon.cheers

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