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Sleep To Win!!

Importance of sleep in weight maintenance! Sleep plays an important role, if you are targeting to achieve a fitness goal, be it fat loss or muscle gain or competition preparation. Both quality and quantity of sleep is important for the complete recovery from the diet and heavy workout session... A sound, undisturbed sleep helps in improving physical, mental and emotional health, performance, concentration, memory and helps in proper recovery. A poor sleep effects your BMR and slows down the metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight or gain muscles. It reduces the growth hormone which is important for the recovery and muscle growth. It leads to increased cortisol hormone, which is a stress hormone, which impacts insulin sensitivity and reduces muscle growth and repair. There is a direct connection between sleep and weight maintenance. So if you are the one putting 100 percent efforts and not taking proper sleep, remember, you can get better results just by sleeping more. Sleep like a baby! Wake up like a warrior!! Win like a champion!!! #fittr #fittrwithAmritaBhatia
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