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How Important is it to Set Goals?

Goal setting for a fitter you Setting the right goals and achieving them is important. The prime aim of goal setting is to enhance motivational levels of individuals, to attain success by applying energy, and directing attention towards accomplishing the overall goal. However, before setting a goal, it is crucial that you first plan it in your mind. Why? Because without a plan, moving forward towards any goal in life would feel like a long pointless grind. Why is goal setting important Setting goals will direct your long term vision and connect it with the motivation required to carry it to completion. It will help in building self confidence. By setting goals you give yourself mental boundaries to work within. Setting goals helps in increasing your focus. Setting goals will help your inner energy to flow in a positive direction.   Once you are ready to set your goal, you need to make sure that it is the right goal. You can do this by checking if your goal meets the following criteria:- The goal should be specific – Ask: “Am I sure of what I want exactly?” The goal should be measurable –  Ask: “Will I be able to track my progress?” The goal should be realistic – Ask: “Is my goal too challenging to achieve or is it realistic enough?”   Always set a deadline for reaching your goal. After you find that your goals fulfill the above criteria, positively proceed to start working on achieving them. Factors to consider when goal setting for fitness: Customize your plan of action according to your specific goal – eg. fat loss or muscle gain? Usually when it comes to lose weight people go for some kind of crash dieting which is totally wrong. Although for weight loss there is some kind of dietary change that needs to happen. This doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic changes , simply start clean eating and make lifestyle changes, adopt them as part of your new life. Always set small goals and celebrate your smallest achievements – eg. Losing 500 grams every week and rewarding yourself with some time at the beach. When I am working with my client I always give them mini targets; I always tell them it’s about finding where you will be in next week not in two years. Don’t forget to track your progress – It may be either through your weighing scale or by taking pictures, trusting the mirror, or by measuring your inches. Simply losing a good amount of weight doesn’t mean that you are on right track or you are fit. When I started my fitness journey i used to do things randomly without setting any goal.I lost 25kgs of weight in 1 year but I was not fit and i was not on the right track. While losing 25kgs of weight i lost 6 kgs of muscles and lost my strength and stamina. So fitness is not losing weight it’s so much more, it is a state of internal well being that reflects on the outside. If you lose a good amount of weight but you are not feeling healthy, this means that you are not on the right track towards your goal!   So, what is the learning from this? If you want to succeed you need to set goals. Without goals you will lack focus, devotion, and determination in moving towards your target. And especially when it comes to fitness, goal setting is very important. Lastly, I would like to mention that setting goals will also generate positive energy and motivate you to work harder. Whenever you would have a moment when you feel like giving up, revisiting your goals and plans will always remind you of what you are training for, and get you back on track. Fix your aim, and commit yourself. The results will follow.   Article Credits – Dr. Sushma Pachouri B.H.M.S (PGNAHI) NUTRITION CONSULTANT.
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