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Importance Of Exercise In Our Transformation

Exercise Science
Happy New Year Fam! So it’s that time of the year when we get really enthusiastic and make some new year resolutions for our heath and fitness. Starting with physical activity is usually one of the most difficult things for a beginner.

“Do I really need to do exercise to lose weight or diet alone can give me the result?” This is one of the most common questions which are asked by people who are willing to transform. And there’s a logic behind that. We are more likely to do and repeat the habits that are pleasurable. We like eating food because it makes us feel good. The same isn’t with exercising for someone who wants to begin with it. It requires our efforts to get off that couch, traveling all the way to a place, put in all our sweat and hard work and yeah, it also leaves us tired and sore. Even though it is true that our calorie intake is a major deciding factor for the amount of weight we are going to lose, it doesn’t mean that we should skip doing physical activity altogether if we are counting our calories. Let’s try to understand why physical activity is an essential part of your transformation journey: We know that we need to stay in a state of calorie deficit state. We can achieve a calorie deficit either by doing reducing our calories, increasing our activity level or a combination of both. Now it’s easier to say that we can cut down the calorie part and save our efforts of going for a workout. But there’s a limit to which we can do that. Who likes to starve for weight loss? I don’t know even one such person. But all of us think about is losing weight while having sufficient food to eat. And yes we can do that by doing some workout. Exercising allows us to burn more calories, eat in our favorite foods in a decent amount and achieve equivalent progress. Moreover, being regular turns it into a regular part of your routine. The frequency of feeling exhausted reduces and it gradually becomes a mood regulator that you would not want to skip anymore. So next time when you doubt working out, don’t think twice about making a move 😃

Swati Mishra

I love workout.. it keeps me fresh energetic. if I don't do I feel lost...

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