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Exercise Science
Is it necessary to join a gym ?

Can I loose weight with only diet and no gym? I can’t do exercise, will I be able to loose weight ?🤔 These are some frequent questions we always come across. So here is the deal - Physical exercise,particularly weight training/resistance training holds a very important place in you fitness journey. Be it weight loss or weight gain ,workout is the catalyst. I would like to divide it into two halves and list down some very important points here Is weight training important for weight loss? - YES it is !! ✅ 1) Weight training contributes to a huge fraction of your daily energy expenditure If you weight train you will surely expend a good good amount of energy.♨️ We all know when Energy expenditure > Energy consumption = weight loss (fat loss) If you don’t weight train you are restricting your energy expense and slowing down your fat burning process. 2)Weight training preserves muscle mass and metabolism 💪🏻 - We all know that ‘Mighty metabolism’ responsible for our weight gain and weight loss. So our metabolism or BMR is directly proportional with our muscle mass Good muscle mass = Good metabolism & Good metabolism is less chances of gaining fat . Did you know? - Muscle tissues burn more calories and even while our body is resting . Isn’t it cool ?? This is called resting metabolic rate (RMR) Which is a major component of the whole metabolism 3) Whenever we diet in a calorie deficit process ,we loose weight but it also has some temporary impact on our metabolism. It slows down our metabolism to some extent. The only way to preserve your metabolic rate is ?? —— preserving your muscle mass through weight training /resistance exercise 4) What would happen if I dont lift weight and only diet?? I would still loose weight does it matter ?? —— Ding !! You are prone to regain some of the lost weight at least . You have slowed down your metabolic rate without workout and now when you stop dieting and get back to usual eating habits . Your body will try to get back it’s previous body fat before recovering its metabolism You are again fat !! So, it’s very important to preserve your muscle mass while you diet and that happens with resistance training /lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️ 5) But I love cardio 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ and I run 4-6 kms on treadmill !! I sweat a lot and I’ll surely loose weight — Yes of course you will !! But only upto an extent and then beyond that the sweet fancy cardio plays the role of devil. It won’t be able to burn fat,instead it will start burning your muscles , Which is an easy task. You will see some good numbers lost on the weighing scale and you will return home with a happy face. But you don’t know... you have screwed up yourself!! And you will wonder I wish my gym trainer told me this ... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️ If you really love cardio then do it twice a week post workout . Get sufficient protein in your diet. Don’t just keep running !! Is weight training important for muscle gain ?✅ —- Ofcourse it is!! 1)When your work on your muscle by lifting weights ,your muscle fibers break and then they recover Now when they recover, they recover stronger and larger. That’s how you grow !! 🤨 2)What if I have gained enough muscles and I don’t need a gym now — Muscles are expensive like gold !! They need to be preserved and protected . Once you stop using your muscles their existence will come to a cease temporarily. “Muscle atrophy “ - It will surely come back but you will have to work real hard to bring them back 😒 * women won’t become manly if they lift weights!! That’s a myth and please feel free to smash it ! Happy lifting weightlifting 🏋️‍♀️

Navalpakkam Chakrapani

sir i am 53 years age . 115kg weight. what should i do to reduce around 15 kgs in one year. please help advise me.

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