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It’s very common for a beginner to step back who is aiming to lose fat or gain muscle by planning to go to the gym! It has been a very prevalent myth that one will gain back all the fat lost after discontinuing gym. To address this in detail let's understand what happens when you go to the gym & start lifting under quantified nutrition. 1) Your energy expenditure level is increased from being sedentary or slightly active always. 2) Now once you become very regular and the expenditure increases, BMR will also increase, so will be your new maintenance calories. 3) You are now eating right amount of food, probably a bit more than what you generally used to consume. 4) Most importantly, the number of calories you are consuming has not only increased but also the calories spent on exercise activity will increase. Now when you discontinue going to the gym and go back to sedentary lifestyle again: 1) Minimal calories are spent 2) With that extra time that you used to spend in gym is now spent in eating more or being sedentary. Thus you end up as a fat storing machine than a burning machine. 3) You now relax and eat without quantification while aiming to prep for your Version 2.0 which you might have planned to start after few months. Overall the caloric intake becomes more or stays the same as of when you were dieting for a goal & the energy expenditure becomes very less. Now this makes you fat!! It's you who should be responsible enough to make decisions accordingly. “Active lifestyle or the same old sedentary lifestyle” If one chooses to be active for the rest of his life, stays on a progress curve always and one who chooses latter ends up blaming his diet, training and what not to make him/ her fat!! “One must change his/ her habits to see the expected change or be one of those audience who see others change “ Choice is yours!

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