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If you don’t train, will you lose muscles?

Injury prevention & Rehab
Muscle loss is a dreaded thing in fitness fraternity, especially amongst hard gainers who put in a lot of efforts to gain muscles. But an injury or illness can put them off track, and they have to stop training for a while. And this whole phase can be cruel. If such situations occur with you, here are some truths you need to know.

Will it happen too quick?
 Not really! If inactivity is for a week, you shouldn’t worry much. The effects are not severe.So, if you are down with viral or a minor pain, feel free to take rest for a week. You can always start over and recover the lost pump in a few days. Muscle gaining takes time and efforts, right?! Muscle loss also takes time, poor nutrition and a total absence of activities.
 What if you are bedridden for weeks? Yes! Strength, muscles & fitness levels will take a hit. But you know, if you have been training regularly before this, you will recover quickly. Your muscle memory will kick in when you start again. And those who have not been training regularly, you will take more time to recover because you will lose more muscles as compared to regular trainees. Do take care of your nutrition: Eating uncontrollably to cope with stress in this phase of inactivity is only going to make it painful. Eat around your maintenance calories and do eat enough proteins. That’s because, when you start again, you don’t have to start from scratch.

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anu source/research/study which says muscles would lose after few weeks?

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