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If you count your money, you should count your calories too!

So how much weight do you want to lose? 5 kgs? Well that's a number, and you don't want to lose 5 kgs weight, you have to lose 5 kgs of fat. Basic logic suggests that you've to eat less calories to lose weight and more calories to gain. 5kg fat = 5000gm fat We know that 1 gm fat has approx 9 calories So from 5kg fat we'd get around 5000*9 =45,000 calories. So if you want to lose weight, you'd have to drop around 45,000 calories. Lets say you drop 500 cals per day, it'd take you around 45,000/500 = 90 days to lose 5kg of fat. Pretty straight forward math, of-course there's some water weight and muscles and glycogen weight too which will add on but roughly this is more or less the equation. Now if you decide to eyeball, and instead of creating a deficit of 500, you add a surplus of 100 calories which may even not seem very significant, you'd end up gaining close to 1 kg of fat instead of losing it. Eyeballing is great, I do it all the time because I eat the same food everyday and it was measured once when I started. And even then, I do it when am on my maintenance not when I have a specific number in my mind. You can't do that! You merely started your fitness journey, if anything, you have to make sure you measure everything down to the last gram. Recently someone left a review on fittr app saying the diet is impractical and who measures food before cooking. I so wanted to comment back mentioning how he'd argue with the shopkeeper if he gave him 100gm less rice but then there's so many idiots, kis kis se behas karo. Point being, while counting macros may look or feel odd, it works. It's the only thing that works. Nobody in the group in the last 4 years have ever said that they tracked their macros 100% and didn't get results because every single one of them did! Paise ginte ho na? Fir calories kyun nahi?


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