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I eat clean but I still can’t lose weight I think my metabolism is slow!

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A common reason (excuse) for not losing weight

And as a Coach, I get to hear it so often. Over time, people have labelled a few foods as clean foods and others as dirty foods. It really doesn’t make sense. The bigger problem is the assumption that if you eat ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’ foods, you will be completely alright. If you’re eating these foods, you should comfortably lose weight. If only that were true! Most times, people tend to overlook the fact that their portion sizes matter too. They find it hard to believe that even when they are eating these so-called “good foods”, they need to be mindful of calories. But this problem gets resolved the day they start tracking calories. This doesn’t need to be a difficult process - start small and begin tracking just one food item. Even if they just get an idea of how much of a certain food item they are eating, they still would be in a good place to understand where exactly they have been going wrong. Pretty soon, people realise that the total amount of foods they have been consuming was higher than their maintenance calories.

hurrain kashif

I have a issue that I don't too much but my gain weight even if I eat small

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