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”I do not have time to exercise”

There has been those occasions where we all have had those thoughts; ”I do not have time to exercise”, but saying that is like saying ”I do not have time to be a better, healthier and happier person”.

Research shows that benefits from exercising can be obtained from training sessions as short as just 10 minutes! You could easily do a few intense sets of core lifts such as deadlifts, squats and overhead presses at the gym, a whole body curcuit at home or even a couple of minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) outdoors. The quality of your training is far more important than the actual time spent training, and the possibilities are endless! Other easy ways to save some time and get in some physical activity throughout the days could be: 1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 2. Clean the whole house. 3. Wake up earlier and do a session. 4. Get off a station earlier, or park the car further away from work and walk the last bit. 5. Workout on your lunch break. 6. Stand instead of sit at you office desk job. 7. Prepare all your daily meals in a bulk the day before to save time for exercising. 8. Bring your work cloths with you to the gym so you can get changed fast before going straight to work. Remember that we all have the same 24 hours! Get YOU into your priorities, do what ever plans and preparations necessary to make time! #Fittr #Iamfittr #Fittraustralia

Nafeesa Saleh

Thanks for this article Chris! I always have a complain that how will i manage with this hectic schedule.! But you explained very well.. Superb 👍

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