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I am not training today; Do I need to consume the same number of calories?

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Most often I come across this question where people ask me whether they need to reduce the calories on non-training days and consume more on training days.

Who can do this? It might be beneficial for people who are in an energy deficit and feel better if they eat more on training days. How to do this? Adjusting the calories according to training and non-training days is similar to calories cycling. Find out your total energy expenditure and chose a deficit of 300-500 on that. Multiply that by 7 and that will be your weekly calories. Now choose a smaller deficit on training days and large deficit on non-training days which ultimately should match the total weekly calorie count. Example: Let's suppose a person’s total energy expenditure is 2,800 calories, works out 5 days a week and he decided to go with 500 deficit. That makes the calories per day as 2,300. Now, multiply 2,300 * 7 which will be 16,100 calories per week. Here in the example, the person can have 2,400 on the training days and 1700 calories on non-training days. 2500 kcal * 5 training days = 12,500 kcal 1800 kcal * 2 non-training days = 3,600 kcal Total is 16,100 kcal which is his weekly calories. Conclusion: As long as you are taking care of energy balance over a period of time, you can split your calories however you are comfortable with which will help you with sustainability.

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