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Hypertrophy Set Range - How many sets per workout / per week is optimal for muscle growth

Muscle Building

We already discussed in the previous post, why the 6-20 rep range is best for hypertrophy. In this post, we focus on the ideal number of sets per muscle group per week to maximize gains. 💪 2010 meta-analysis by James Krieger showed found that as you increased the number of sets performed per exercise, muscle growth increased as well. 💯 BUT WAIT... More isn't always better. This is because there actually seems to be an upper limit of sets per muscle group that you can do in a single workout before it starts to do more harm than good. 😮 SO WHAT'S THE UPPER LIMIT FOR SETS PER WORKOUT AND PER WEEK? LET'S FIND OUT... -------------------- UPPER LIMIT FOR SETS PER WEEK - The meta-analysis by James Krieger found that roughly 10-20 sets per muscle per week is the sweet spot for maximizing growth. Beginners should start at the lower end of this range while experienced lifters can be at the higher end of this range. -------------------- UPPER LIMIT FOR SETS PER WORKOUT- The meta-analysis by James Krieger, found the upper limit to be roughly 10 sets per muscle group. Beyond 10 hard sets, will likely just begin to provide diminishing returns and start to impair your recovery. This is something widely known as “junk volume”. However, this limit will - 1️⃣ Vary individually. 2️⃣ Depends on the nature of the exercises you perform. 3️⃣ The limit is likely higher for more trained individuals. NOTE - Research tells us about averages. Some people respond better to higher sets and some to lower sets. -------------------- SO HOW TO PLAN YOUR TRAINING? 1️⃣ Decide the number of sets per muscle group per week. 2️⃣ Split up the sets to at least 2 separate workouts per week rather than doing all in 1 workout. 3️⃣ Increase/Decrease the sets over time based on how your body progresses. #fittr #motivation #fittrcoach #quantifiednutrition #fitness #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #diet #nutrition #training #fitfam #fitnesscoaching #fitnesscoach #fit #gym #fatloss #transformation #instafit #consistency #strengthtraining
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