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by Praveen Budhrani

With Coronavirus restrictions gradually lifting across the country, many people have now started going to the gym. Although restrictions might have been lifted, it doesn’t mean that one can take it easy when it comes to maintaining hygiene and safety precautions. From the limited available data, it has become a well known fact that the likelihood of spreading of COVID-19 is higher indoors than outdoors [1]. Gyms are generally indoors, so they need to lay down specific limitations on the number of people in a given space, at any point in time. They must also adhere to the SOP laid down by the government. While for some people, joining a responsible gym is an absolute necessity, here are few other things you can do to remain as hygienic and safe as you can Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave the gym Clean equipment before and after you use it. Specially, areas which require you to touch your palms Minimise touching your face or mouth during your workout Maintain social distancing Bring your own water and avoid using the common water Avoid using common showers, to the extent possible Go the gym during quieter times Carry your own towels How many of you have joined a gym post COVID? What are the precautions you are taking? Reference: [1] Dominski, F. H., & Brandt, R. (2020). Do the benefits of exercise in indoor and outdoor environments during the COVID-19 pandemic outweigh the risks of infection?. Sport sciences for health, 16(3), 583-588
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